Friday, November 14, 2008

Dollar Should be in for a Rough Ride Going Forward

Now the the Chinese have decided to focus on their own infrastructure with the approximate $585 billion stimulus plan, they'll start cutting back on buying U.S. treasuries.

Acquisition of U.S. treasuries worked in China's favor, as it provided money to U.S. consumers who would then buy Chinese products manufactured in the country.

This has worked as the Federal Reserve has been able to keep interest rates low because of the over $1 trillion China has invested in U.S. government securities, which helped prop up the dollar; even though it has struggled until recently.

Consumers were then able to use cheap money to acquire a huge amount of consumer goods; at least until the mortgage bubble broke, and the weakness of those buying habits exposed themselves.

So we're going to see much less Chinese money going to U.S. securities; continued forced liquidation of funds to get access to more cash; printing more money to pay off misguided stimulus plan; and credit continue to be hard to get.

This will end up being "perfect storm" against the greenback, and will eventually put enormous downward pressure on it.

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