Monday, April 28, 2008

US dollar Drops Again, Federal Reserve Decision Looming

The US dollar declined again against several major currencies, as most markets look toward the decision of the Federal Reserve later in the week, which most expect will cut the rate by a quarter point. Even so, the unsurety of what the Fed will do has investors holding back on the greenback until the decision is revealed.

Performing strongly against the dollar was the euro again, which climbed to $1.5645, an increase over the $1.5593 in New York on Friday. The British pound also did well, rising to $1.9900, up from $1.9818.

Also gaining was the Swiss franc, with the dollar buying 1.0353. That was down from what the dollar bought on Friday: 1.0367. The Candian looney also strengthened, ending at 1.0119, in contrast to 1.0164 the U.S. dollar bought on Friday as well.

Another factor in the ongoing weakening of the dollar is the high inflation in Europe, which pretty much guarantees rates won't be cut over there.

Most think there will be a cut on Wednesday by the Fed, and that they'll probably hold cuts for some time.

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