Monday, April 14, 2008

Investors Ignore G-7 Currency Shift

Seeming to think the the warning by the G-7 about steep fluctuations in the exchange rates could cause harm to the global economy, French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde talked down to investors saying they don't understand the significance of the G-7's shift in its outlook on exchange rates.

That was in response to the ongoing decline of the dollar which is starting to impact exports from the strengthening currencies of other countries.

Legard said in an interview: "It's a strong statement which I am not sure the markets have yet fully understood and appreciated."

My thought is: Who cares? That's why it's called a market, and market forces are impacting the currency rates; that's how it should be. To attempt to strenghthen the U.S. dollar so European companies can benefit doesn't do anything for Americans.

Until there are real actions taken, rather than just talking the talk, most investors aren't going to sell their euros or other strong currencies in order to listen to some bureaucrats who want their interests to be put ahead of others.