Monday, October 5, 2009

Oil Trading with U.S. Dollars? Not for long!

A number of nations have been getting together and discussing using a basket of currencies in place of the U.S. dollar to trade oil with one another.

Along with some Arab states, also participating in talks to stop using the U.S. dollar for trading oil are France, Russia Japan Brazil and China.

Evidently the deadline for all of this to transpire is 2018.

While publicly a number of countries and U.S. officials have talked about the importance of a strong U.S. dollar, that has largely become a joke privately, and we'll continually see a private push to move away from the U.S. dollar with the failed policies of the Obama administration, along with the continued actions and practices of the Federal Reserve.

This is why Ron Paul and so many others are moving so strongly to audit the Fed, and Paul's case - eventually end it altogether.

The U.S. dollar is collapsing all around us, and so-called financial experts, in many cases, continue to act as if it has a long life ahead. It may have, but it's going to continue to be on a respirator as its buying power continues to weaken.

We'll get some occasional spurts and upward movement of the dollar, as nothing falls straight off the cliff, but it will continually fall in strength endlessly unless our policies concerning the U.S. dollar change.

From the looks of it, very few have the will to make that decision, and so we'll go on until the pain of it forces the decision to be made. Hopefully by that time it won't be too late.

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