Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jim Rogers: Dollar Collapse Long-term

Most people that understand the cause and effect of the disastrous policies of the Obama administration and how it will continue to damage the U.S. dollar, are rightly very pessimistic about its long term future.

But because people run in packs and follow the crowd, and most at this time see the U.S. dollar as a disaster, over the short term it wouldn't be a surprise to see it rally, and Jim Rogers concurs with that assessment, saying many investors have sold the dollar short, so that could result in a short term rally, which while not being a true measure of the U.S. dollar strength, would benefit those on the right side of the trade.

Even so, over the long term Jim Rogers continues to believe the U.S. dollar will remain a disaster and will continue to collapse.

Long term there is no doubt about the U.S. dollar continuing to lose its value. But there will be times when the dollar will temporarily shoot up in response to the ongoing negative feeling toward it, so it's something to keep in mind when making your plays on the dollar.

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