Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jim Rogers Selling U.S. Dollars

Jim Rogers has never been one to shy away from stating his mind, and in his chosen field of commodities, he is right far more than he is wrong, and with the U.S. dollar, he has been warning for years that people need to divest of it and put their money in other currencies and investments.

Rogers stated in at the China International Financial Services Conference (CIFSC) last week in Guangzhou that he is winding down his position in the U.S. dollar, and will sell all of U.S dollars before he's through.

Citing the non-stop growth of debt by the U.S. government from administration to administrations, Rogers has asserted for some time that it's a flawed currency, which it is.

Radically and truthfully, Rogers has said the "story of the United States is over. A new story belongs to China.”

Rogers also stated that he no longer has an interest in investing in U.S. Treasury bonds, “because the government is constantly printing more banknotes.”

This means that the inflationary pressures about to hit us would cause an investment in U.S. Treasuries to lose value, even if returns move up some. Even so, Rogers said more than likely bond prices will rise significantly from where they are today, but he will focus on raw materials and companies that do business with a "real economy."

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